How To Choose The Best
False Eyelash For You

Choosing the best false eyelash eyelashes that naturally fit your face and features, is important if you want to look and feel your best. There are several aspects to choosing false eyelashes; the material it's made out of, shape, length, and the adhesive you choose to use.  Remember, false eyelashes are meant to enhance your natural beauty, not make you look like a completely different person.

First, lets start with the different types of material.


Synthetic, Human Or Mink?


Most false eyelashes are made of these materials; synthetic, human hair, or mink.


Synthetic  False Eyelashes

As a professional Makeup Artist, I have a hard time recommending synthetic eyelash to anybody. Most girls think all lashes are made equally; which unfortunately is not true. Synthetic false lashes bring more attention to your eyelashes; meaning people will realize they're fake. It detracts from your natural beauty, has that "plastic" look, and are very hard to keep glued on; causing them to fall off. Talk about embarrassing!


Mink False Eyelashes

The high-end of false eyelashes are Siberian mink. It's soft, plush and looks great. But here's the problem, it's overkill! It's like driving a Ferrari to go to the grocery store. It's fine getting a few pairs for "special" occasions, but wearing mink on an everyday basis gets very costly.



Human Hair False Eyelashes

We focus exclusively on false eyelashes made out of human hair because they're the best option for most women. They blend in perfectly to create full, thick eyelashes which make you feel confident and sexy. Plus they wear well, are priced attractively no matter what your budget, and fit in perfectly with your existing eyelashes to create a gorgeous criss cross pattern guys will drool over.


Do You Like Them

If you're looking for "upgraded", natural-looking eyelashes, I recommend purchasing eyelashes with a length just a little longer than your own. This is perfect for lush, gorgeous eyelashes that look natural. Keep in mind that the bigger your eyes, the longer eyelashes you can have. The smaller your eyes, the more careful you have to be.


The Perfect Shape For You


When it comes to shape, you want to stay away from "equal". Having equally shaped eyelashes creates a fake look, as compared to "wispies" which look more natural and perfectly combine with your existing eyelashes to make you look sexy and beautiful.



Choose Your Own Gorgeous Lashes
For Everyday Wear

Take a look at the various human hair eyelashes we offer. You'll find several styles without having to wade through thousands of choices. These are the most popular styles I've found throughout my career as a makeup artist. I think you'll find at least one that fits you best.