About favUlash And It's Owner...

Welcome to favUlash!

My name is "KC" and I'm the founder of favUlash. We sell false eyelashes to help bring out your true beauty; allowing you to  "bat" those gorgeous lashes at unsuspecting men to hypnotically seduce them!


Why Our False Eyelashes?

I used to live in the Philippines as a trained Makeup Artist. I've spent most of my life in the beauty industry; testing products, making women look more radiant and beautiful, and finding out which beauty products are really worth the money.

Being a Makeup Artist, I'm always looking for QUALITY products. However I noticed that many times when I would buy false eyelashes to wear out on dates, they wouldn't work!

Sometimes they would fail to stick to my eyelids, arrive damaged and the company would refuse to refund me, or were made of very low quality material.


And That's Why I Started favUlash



Quality Human Hair False Eyelashes At Amazing Prices!

I couldn't stand the fact that most false eyelashes were either very poorly made, too expensive, or the company simply didn't care about its customers.  By using my unique background, I was able to discover a way to get very high quality human false eyelashes at a price anyone can afford, while adding true value to our customers!

I also co-founded eDiva, a Makeup/Cosmetics Organizer.

Please know that we truly care about you and want to help bring out the best in how you look. Our mission is to give you the best quality false eyelashes, while keep price in mind; without any of the annoying "fine print" you'll find with most other companies.

Browse around, pick up a few packs for yourself, and make sure to send me some pictures of you wearing your new lashes!